Brewery called Hostivař is actually in Horní Měcholupy

Microbrewery offensive

Hostivar brewery, photo: Martin Hrbek /

Hostivar brewery, photo: Martin Hrbek /

So it came to pass that the number of microbreweries started to grow dramatically. People who are familiar with Únětice brewery situated in a few miles north from Prague have witnessed the successful expansion into Prague pubs, bars and restaurants. And this was not only successful microbrewery. However, for some reason, these had been being established mainly on the western bank of the City, or around its western borders. So, logically a counterweight must have come one day. And it is not an ordinary counterweight. In terms of environment, services and quality, Hostivar brewery belongs into the heavyweights category.

Successful from the very beginnings

Although Hostivar is only a middle-sized restaurant with a smallish brewery inside, it truly deserves its position among the top beer-experience ranks. The first brew was made in February 2013 and as early as in November 2013, Hostivar was awarded „The microbrewery of the year“ by the „Sdružení přátel piva“ which consists of the top Czech beer experts.

The origins

The building works started in August 2012 and the first brew was made six months later. The brewery is situated on the border of Prague parts of Hostivař and Horní Měcholupy. It is scientifically proven that there is no life in Horní Mecholupy, however Hostivař is mentioned by Kosmas in his Chronicle. He tells about events in 1068, when there was a minor conflict between prince Vratislav II (18 years later the first Czech monarch to be entitled with a king title) and his brother Jaromír. He, among all pleasures in the world, desired only for the peaceful job of Prague bishop. So he gathered an army and led it to Prague. He pitched a camp on the meadows near the village of Gostivar and waited for his brother’s decision. Inspired by this story, the founders of the brewery secured to all travelers a possibility to hang out for a beer instead of sleeping on a meadow.

The place

The microbrewery consists of a restaurant for 150 guests, a beer garden, a children playground and the microbrewery (1500 hectoliters of beer a year produced) itself. The whole complex is made in a modern industrial design and everything sparkles with newness and neatness. Passionate bikers will fully appreciate a huge bike stand on front of the pub, and the garden in front of the brewery is truly beautiful, so is the cunningly designed children playground.

The beer

But we have not come to play, have we? Let’s see what is on the tap. Hostivar produces a wide range of beers, light 11⁰ lager (Jedenáctka) is the “normal beer“ here, however you can taste also a variety of other light, dark and half dark lagers of various strength. Golden colored H-Ale is a serious thing here and drinking is a truly a pleasure. Pale ale is also produced here, not as strong as his H-Ale brother, but definitely not worse. Wheat beer lovers will also satisfy their needs, as wheat beer from Hostivar is brewed with same thoroughness and skill as the other brews. Light golden color bids you to taste it and once you do, a carnival of bitter and fruit, mainly banana, tastes will be the reward. A very interesting brew is “Cyklistická osmička” – beer for bikers made on seasonal basis. It is low-alcoholic beer with an addition of German hops. Moroccan mint flavor makes it a lovely refreshment for those who need to stay sober.

What else is on the menu?

Hostivar offers not only a unique opportunity to drink excellent beer, but also a range of solid Czech and international dishes. Also, the excursion in the “secret lab“ to see how the local treasure is actually made are held on regular basis. The nice impression of Hostivar is underlined with the fact that children, bikers and dogs are welcome as well. The icing on the cake is the garden in front of the brewery, where you can find a smoke house, bike stand and children playground and a pétanque court.

Suitable for all

Hostivar is definitely a place which attracts different groups of visitors – families with children for Sunday roast, trippers who come to explore this rather remote (but not uninteresting) part of Prague, beer lovers who want to see the insides of the brewery and taste some specials, and last but not least bikers travelling on one of the cycle track which go around can use this place as a fantastic refreshment spot. On the other hand, considering one’s safety and irresistible taste of all brews from here, I would prefer walking.

Author: Martin Hrbek

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