Prague Beer Gardens

Prague is quite a nice city but the average number of sunshine hours is 1,573 , which is not much when compared to Naples, Italy (2,371); Bordeaux, France (2,035); or even Munich, Germany with 1,709 hours. Speaking of Bavaria (Munich), it gave birth to an important beer phenomenon – the beer garden. This sort of garden is one of the best places to enjoy the sunshine in a rather lazy way. Let’s have a look at a few beer gardens you can enjoy around Prague.


The beer garden in Letná, photo: Barbora Kmentová

The beer garden in Letná, photo: bkm /

The beer garden in Letná is number one, without any doubt. Even though there’s a lot of tables, the nice environment around attracts many thirsty visitors. That’s why finding a free place to sit may be a little problematic. Fortunately, you can usually find a bunch of guys willing to allow you to join their table, and it’s a very nice opportunity to socialize. If you get bored, you can borrow a pétanque set and enjoy this exciting game.

Beer is not very cheap here (CZK 35 for Gambrinus 10°) but the amazing view over the city is worth the investment. When it gets colder, visitors make their way to one of the many pubs, bars and clubs around, where they can finish the night.

Riegrovy sady

Another legendary beer garden can be found in another nice Prague park – Riegrovy sady in Vinohrady. While this locale lacks the monumental view, on the other hand it offers more fun. Foosball (table football) lovers can indulge their addiction and live concerts are often held here. Important sporting events are broadcast on a really big screen — as long as it’s soccer, ice hockey or tennis that is — so you never have to miss the action. The variety of food on offer is also better than Letná, thanks especially to the restaurant that’s just across the sidewalk. Simply order and there and enjoy your meal in the beer garden. Or you can have standard pub fare like sausages from the garden stands.

Zahrádky Žižkov

Once upon a time there was a teeny tiny park hidden behind blocks of flats in Žižkov. One day a man got an idea: “Let’s build a beer garden here!” And so they built a beer garden, completely unknown to people who were not from Žižkov. This is Zahrádky Žižkov’s third season and there are many reasons to visit this place. First is the beer, of course. Second is  the possibility to play volleyball, badminton or table tennis while you down your drinks. You may also see DJs, live concerts and other events like an historical fencing exhibition.

And how to get there? Simply go to the very edge of Žižkov (tram or bus stop Ohrada) and then head north. Yes, it’s that simple.

Divoká Šárka

If you’re the outdoor adventurer type you must take a trip to Šárka park, one of the calmer places in Prague. You can walk through nature trails and find some more challenging off-trail climbs as you go along. After about 30 or 40 minutes you’ll reach a swimming pool, which, unfortunately is so cold only Eskimos can manage to swim in it. So instead, visit the beer garden behind it with beers from small breweries and a top selection of Czech cuisine.

I prefer to go to Šárka during the week, or when the weather is not so sunny (which is easy since as you have read, the amount of sunshine in Prague is limited), because it can be quite crowded on the weekends. Getting there is not difficult. You just need to take a tram (or bus) to stop Divoká Šárka and then find the signpost, which is easy enough to find as it’s just behind the McDonalds. Then just follow the blue marks.


Author: Martin Hrbek

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